Recruitment and Work Placement


• Interview (with in depth medical background section)

Standardised Screening

• Functional Capacity Evaluation for placement (Occupational Therapist)

• Psychometric Testing (Industrial Psychologist)

Incapacity/Disability Management and Performance Management.

Incapacity/Disability Management

Absentee Management

Alternative Work Placement following illness or injury

Provision of reasonable accommodation (ergonomic design of work space)

Modifications to job description to fit the individual’s functional capacity.

Medical Boarding

Performance Management

Absentee Management

Monitoring of adherence to key performance indicators.

Alternative Work Placement suitable for the individual’s level of functioning.

Competency based screening

Skills development

Modification or implementation of work systems

Screening of employees for chronic illnesses / Workshop presentations to address health issues. (Hypertension, Blood Sugar Levels, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health Issues)

• Health workshops/talks

• Training skills for managers

• Leadership skills programs

• Personal Finance

• Trauma Response training